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Las Vegas IS Business

Las Vegas IS Business
Las Vegas IS business

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10 Reasons Why Las Vegas IS Business

1. No Corporate Income Tax

    2. No Franchise Tax

        3. No Personal Income Tax

            4. No Inheritance or Gift Tax

                5. No Estate Tax

                   6. No Franchise Tax on Income

                       7. No Unitary Tax

                           8. Competitive Sales and Property Tax Rates

                               9. Nominal Annual Fees

                                  10.Minimal Employer Payroll Tax – 0.7% of gross wages with deductions and employer-paid health insurance

There are thousands of other reasons to relocate to Las Vegas and/ or start a business in Las Vegas. Always remember Las Vegas IS Business!

A world class airport is located minutes from downtown, and most of the Las Vegas valley, cutting critical time from travel. Terminal 3 is Las Vegas’ International Terminal.

We have some of the finest Michelin-rated chefs in the world, fantastic entertainment, a growing medical presence.

From warehouse to penthouse, Don Twardowski is ready to guide you, your business and your family home to Las Vegas.

Donard Twardowski, REALTOR® (702) 860-2778 or visit

Las Vegas IS Business the most Efficient want to go from Just Dreaming about the American Dream to becoming a Home Owner!
Las Vegas IS Business
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